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fantasy art

I create (dark) fantasy art. My name is Helge C. Balzer. I am a fantasy illustrator / concept artist working for many companies around the planet (such as Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Black Library, Sideshow Collectables, Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo, Universal and many more). Please feel free to browse through my online portfolio. Be welcome to contact me if you have any questions. And if you are looking for fantasy art, don’t hesitate, write me an email.


I love to paint and therefore I turned my hobby into my profession. But that doesn’t mean that my paintings are fair game for any commercial enterprise, or that I work for anyone for free, because pictures are my capital. And it is exactly by painting these pictures that I make a living, because I have no other first or second job. So please respect:
All pictures here on my website are copyrighted. If I don’t mark the artworks differently they are subject to the copyright of me (Helge C. Balzer) and I reserve all rights.

Therefore I must prohibit the commercial use of my artwork. But most importantly: If you want to share my artwork via social media, I think that’s great and thanks much. But please make sure that you include my name as author and the link to my website. I must forbid any changes to my artwork for any purpose.
For more information please visit my facebook and/or instagram site. Let’s connect!

However, if you are interested in absolute time-wasting nonsense nobody else will care about, you should also have a look on my privacy policy / Datenschutzerklärung.

Ok, back to the topic: Enjoy the fantasy art by Helge C. Balzer! Feel free to share it with your community! Most importantly I hope you like what you see! – Have a great time, folks! All the best!