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About the graphic novel project Katastasis

Katastasis is in progress and my first graphic novel. Currently I am working on the concept art and I want to let you be part of this process from the very beginning on.
The idea of Katastasis has come to life in April 2000 when I was studying concept art and computer animation in Babelsberg. Since 2000 I am collecting countless ideas and inspirations for Katastasis and today after 16 years I am finally ready to start.
Katastasis is the tale of Lucifer and the fall of angels. It is inspired by the Apocrypha / ‘The book of Enoch’, ‘The Devine comedy’ by Dante Alighieri and ‘Paradise Lost’ by John Milton.
However, this project is based on christian and jewish mythology, but there is no intention to spread any religious ideas or to tell what is right or wrong. I am not a member of any religious organisation, cult or sect. I have no idea if there is a god or anything like that. Katastasis is only a graphic novel telling an epic story. Nothing more.

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