A new Dark Fantasy PnP is on the way! This is a creature I painted for the game. Currently my dear friends from Arakne are producing their quickstarter campaign. Please support this awesome project! www.startnext.com/arakne-dieletzterast

Howdy! This is a key artwork I painted for an upcoming and very gory indie-tabletop-arena-fight-game. More infos: http://d-verse.com/nexus/


I painted this Nurgle army over a year ago for GW … man, I can tell you, after painting guy no. 107 I took a deeeeep breath before starting on no. 108 ;) <3 cheers!
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Another cover art I made for the “elves-series” by one of my fav authors … it was a pleasure working with you, Bernhard! :)
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Did some concept art for the great tabletop game Judgement. This is Viktor, a funny Frankenstein adaption – Have a great weekend! :)
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Howdy, my friends! Hope to see some of you at the RPC in Cologne next weekend. This is just one of the prints I will bring …
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An artwork I painted last year: A cover of an Arkham Horror expansion set by Fantasy Flight Games … I just love this Lovecraft stuff. <3 Have a great weekend, folks! :)
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Hey folks, here’s another Orc I literally dropped within a few hours for Orcquest by Maze Games, a card game which is in the last stadium of funding on Kickstarter. These guys really did a great job on Orcquest – the project is already funded with more than 300% … so every coin will make this even more awesome! So if you like what they are doing over there, go an give them some dollars: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1504466921/orcquest-the-card-game … Have an “orcish” weekend everybody! :)
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A good day to have a nice chat with a nice guy, eh? ;)
Orc, ork, wild ork, wild orc, skull, bones, red hair, rote haare, dark fantasy, fantasy, illustration, character design

Remember: Do not forget your towel when traveling through the Limbus! ;) Have a great weekend folks!
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